By pressing the quality of edible oil is also has exquisite and varieties

Quality we use press press of edible oil also has exquisite and varieties. People come to the conclusion that in the practice of life: eat vegetable oil benefits, can avoid the cholesterol, elevated blood lipids, beneficial to the prevention of cardiovascular disease. In fact, overlooked is that vegetable oil also can't eat too much.vegetable oil plant contains rich unsaturated fatty acid, this substance is very easy to auto oxidation of toxic peroxides, resulting from a vegetable oil and produce too much not saturated fatty acid, so that increased the peroxidase. According to the related literature at home and abroad research, peroxide will make a variety of vitamins, especially vitamin C oxidative decomposition, loss of normal function, thereby affecting the absorption of vitamins used by the body, causes the body's vitamin deficiency. Peroxide may also make the red cell membrane of human body with the mitochondrial membrane damage, the occurrence of hemolysis and other symptoms, and can combine with protein aging pigment lipofuscin formation, to produce age spots on the skin. In addition, the peroxide formation in the vessel wall, liver, cell, can produce arteriosclerosis, cirrhosis of the liver, cerebral thrombosis and other symptoms. Nutritionists believe that eating "fit oil" is the effective method. When the food to 2 vegetable oil and add 1 animal oil, obtained reasonable proportion of saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids of both, this can increase the delicious food, and not easy to cause disease.
Three is the use of stress. Method of cooking fried, grilled, steamed, boiled, stewed, braised and other characteristics of the enriched our life of diet, but in a variety of cooking, fried, fried and other cooking methods easily lead to the problem of food safety. Lipid peroxide, heterocyclic amines, benzopyrene are harmful substance to form a food fried in the cooking process, most of which have been proved to be a strong carcinogen.


Use the press of the wise remark of an experienced person

Choose a, oil press
A good oil can make the user less trouble in oil processing. The choice of models can be processed rapeseed, soybean, peanut, cotton seed, tea seed and other granular fuel. Purchase at first the paint evenly machine appearance, check whether the lack of machine parts, and then hand to turn the big belt wheel, make it more turn a few laps, as to whether there is iron foreign bodies such as check the squeezing chamber, there is no jamming phenomenon, at the same time pay attention to whether the normal gear box gear.
The correct installation, press two
Before installation, press to cope with the new purchase a thorough cleaning. Out of the spindle, remove the upper pressing cage, with emery cloth the screw, the inner surface and the outer surface of the spiral feeder polished. Of all the parts of the lubrication grease, lubricating oil additive in the gear box, the varieties and grades shall conform to the specification requirements. The round row after polished, installed in the original location must be according to the arrangement, not because of dislocation, round row arrangement position and sequence greatly for oil performance relationship. The round exhaust after installed with a compression nut pressing, pressing degree to the disc in the oil can peristalsis is appropriate. Press after the above treatment, can be used for anchor bolt fixed on the basis of. When in installation, the belt pulley of the motor should be and the press pulley alignment, position of moderate, the correct direction of rotation of the drive belt, elastic degree should be adjusted properly.
The use of three,  vegetable oil plant
Before using the press, first of all should be ready all auxiliary utensils and containers, check and adjust the tightness degree of the driving belt. And then start the motor, so that the machine idling about 15min, check the squeezing screw shaft speed. The general speed should be about 33dmin. Idling should pay attention to meshing gear in the gear box and the sound is normal, each part of bearing and motor is normal. Press idling, the motor current is about 3A. If the current is too high, should immediately stop check, adjustment after the boot.
No-load normal, prepared about 50kg of rapeseed or soy, ready to be put into the feed hopper. Note: start pressing feeding can not be too fast, otherwise the squeezing chamber pressure suddenly increases, screw axis does not move, causing the press bore blockage, even make the squeezing cage rupture, the occurrence of major accidents. Thus began the compression, the feed should be evenly and slowly into the hopper, the oil mill was running. So repeatedly, lasted for 3 ~ 4H above, so that the temperature of oil press gradually increase, or even smoke (which is normal). Start pressing the pressing chamber temperature is low, slow twisting, handle adjusting studs, increase out of cake thickness, while improving the pressing blank moisture to be pressing chamber temperature. Up to 90 DEG C, press machine normal operation, can be out of cake thickness to 1.5 ~ 2.5mm, and the fastening nut.
Press normal operation, high oil content of oil out of the oil is mostly concentrated in a row and the row at the former group round. A row of the oil accounted for about 60% of the output of oil, the former group round row at about 30%; and the end of the discharge of oil into the drop is very few, not a line, color is very clear. Repeated two or three times can be pressed rapeseed or soy oil juice, during which can be squeezed diesel oil are evenly mixed one blank, when feeding to maintain uniform, avoid by all means is suddenly more and less, otherwise it will affect the oil press life and oil rate.
In the process of running, should always check the cake case press machine, and control the blank of water is neither too high nor too low. Normal a cake should be flaky, by squeezing screw shaft surface smooth, the other side has a lot of hair lines. Such as bread or cake loose and weak, not forming, deep color, a pinch of that into pieces by hand, and this shows that the blank too little; such as cake weak, into a large shape, or the oil bubble increased explain too much water. Under normal circumstances, not or rarely slag slag round between the rows, in a row at the slag, such as slag is fine flake that more water, powder residue that less water. In addition, in order to oil position change can see entry squeeze water is appropriate, when pressing the moisture content is too high or too low, oil position backwards.
Four, to meet the requirements of pretreatment process
Blank pressing before, must pass through the pretreatment process, pretreatment quality will directly affect the normal work of press and oil rate. Different oil required pretreatment procedure, different, but mainly includes the following several:
1 clean. Into the processing plant oil contains some impurities (sand, gravel, iron and so on), if not carefully cleaning, will wear accelerated internal parts of oil press, lower oil yield, even cause failure and accident. Its corollary equipment: cleaning sieve, Stoner, magnetic separator and so.
The 2 shelling. For shell oil, should be shelling again after pressing, which can improve the production capacity and oil rate. Its corollary equipment: peeling machine, separating sieve, separator etc..
3 broken. Some of the oil can monolith pressing, but after crushing, flaking and then press, can significantly improve the oil yield. And its ancillary equipment: crusher, flaking machine etc..
4 cooking. Cooking is an important link in improving oil yield, the commonly used method is the first oil wetting, and then by the wok dry, make the oil meet the process requirements of the pressing temperature and moisture, and its supporting equipment: steaming and frying pan, cooking pot.


What are genetically modified foods

The so-called genetically modified foods, is the use of biotechnology, gene transfer to other organisms of certain species to transform the genetic material of organisms to convert them to the desired target in the human character, nutritional quality, quality and other aspects of consumption, transgenic organisms for direct food or as raw material for food processing is to genetically modified food dehydrator.
Depending on genetically modified food sources can be divided into plant genetically modified food, genetically modified yeast vaccines, antibiotics, genetically engineered bacteria, animal and microbial genetically modified food genetically modified foods.


Vegetable fats and oils

vegetable oil plant from fatty acids and glycerol is a compound made of natural polymer, is widely distributed in nature. All from plant seeds, pulp and other parts of the plant extract obtained collectively fat oils.

Species of edible vegetable oil
Currently there are families of edible vegetable oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil, a lot of species. To identify the various oils, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of various types of oil.
Peanut oil: oil color yello
w, fine smell peanut flavor, oil foam micro white.
Rapeseed oil: greenish, fragrant taste in the mouth a little spicy, oil foam yellow.
Soybean Oil: Oil deep yellow color, beany large mouth taste astringency, oil foam white.
Cottonseed oil: Oil yellowish color, no taste tasting, oil foam yellow.
Sesame oil: reddish brown, smell, taste has a deep flavor.
Sunflower oil: color, clear and transparent, aromatic and delicious.